Dealing with unwanted blushing



I’m not sure if this falls under social skills, but is there a way to prevent blushing? whenever I talk to people my face gets abnormally red and everyone comments on it (what’s wrong with your face, are you ok, etc) which only makes me blush more. i have social anxiety as it is, so talking to people is hard enough without my face feeling like it’s on fire. thank you
realsocialskills said:
I don’t know of a way to avoid blushing. I’m posting this in hopes that one of y’all does.
One thing that occurs to me is that maybe wearing foundation would help? The basic purpose of foundation is to be opaque enough to hide marks on your face, so maybe it would hide blushing? I haven’t tried that, but it seems like it plausibly might work.
Have any of y’all tried using foundation to hide blushing? Does it work? Do you know other things that work?

pinkxxkiss said:

Another suggestion (to foundation, which can really help, even if it’s just a light layer of powder) is to go to a Doctor. My face is super red a lot of the time and I also have pretty serious long term acne. I’ve found that when my acne is more under control (ie my medication for that is working) my face is usually far less red.

As well as acne there’s rosacea, which can be mistaken for acne, but is also very treatable. It can cause so much facial redness, but actually be treated.

So, basically, if you can go to a GP; do so. They might be able to really help you. (And there might even be other underlying, and treatable, causes they could help you with.)

Good luck! :)