I look contagious but I’m not. How do I tell people this? How do I get them to stop staring and stop being afraid they’ll catch my uncatchable condition?
realsocialskills said:
I don’t know, unfortunately. Do any of y’all have strategies for dealing with this?

dendriforming said:

I *wish* I did.

I do have a response to the only strategy offered thus far: “Embarrassing as it might be, the best I can come up with is getting an t-shirt/sweatshirt printed up that says something like “I see you looking at me. I can’t blame you for I am awesome. I deal with (medical name) every day, and I am strong.”

If the condition is a) possibly life-threatening, and b) relatively well-known, this isn’t a good solution. I’m in a similar position to anonymous. I do not want my legal name publicly associated with my condition (because I want to do bizarre things like get hired), which would almost certainly happen if I made a habit of wearing a shirt announcing it.

(Edited, because I am not, in fact, in a similar person to anonymous. I hope neither of us are inside a person at all!)