deoxysphobia said to realsocialskills:
What do you think of the new reblog comment format?

realsocialskills said:

I don’t have a strong opinion on it overall, but it’s been causing problems on this blog. Ever since Tumblr made it impossible to edit the reblog chains, it’s been hard for me to reply to people’s replies. 

I used to insert URLs in reblog chains so that the conversation is comprehensible to people who use screen readers. With the new format, it’s impossible to make reblogs screenreader accessible, which is a reason I haven’t been reblogging as much lately. 

I also used to do things like snip the reblog chain so that it wasn’t overwhelmingly long and it was clear what I was replying to. 

I think what I might start doing is quoting replies and posting links, rather than reblogging.

I’m also considering migrating to a platform I have more control over, and making Tumblr secondary. This update doesn’t completely break things, but it does make me nervous that a future update might. 

Anyone have thoughts on that?