Depressionblogging 2/27, part 2

Content warning: This is a reblog of a graphic first person account of depression and a second person description of a problem with one attitude people take toward depression.


I just realized why that “depression just means you’re seeing the world for what it is” thing really bothers me.

It’s because when I’m depressed, I abuse myself.  I tell myself I’m disgusting and worthless.  I don’t let myself out of the house.  I don’t let myself do anything social or fun.  I feed myself haphazardly and make myself live in filth.  Sometimes I physically harm myself.  And over and over I tell myself that I’m a bad person, that everyone hates me, that I deserved everything bad that’s ever happened to me, and I will always be a burden and an embarrassment to humanity.

So… think through the implication when you tell me that this is realism and clear thinking.

Wow. That’s a great description of the problem with that kind of attitude.