Hierarchies of cussing


I’ve never understood which swearwords are worse than others. It’s only in very recent years that I’ve heard people saying that the c-word is the worst of all. Before that I assumed the f-word was the worst swearword. Is…

distraptortimeraptor said:

another swearing thing is that scatological swears tend to be lower on the scale if you’re using them to describe the thing they literally mean, “I just took an enormous shit”, for example. It is considered rude to tell people aside from doctors about your bodily functions but imo the specific words arent as big a deal unless its a formal setting, you being the mayor of one of the largest cities in North America, for example. Also “fucking” and “goddamn” as well as their variants are more or less acceptable inserted into the middle of words for emphasis, eg “Abso-fucking-lutely”