Does anyone know how to get rid of the anon captcha?

Recently, when I do anonymous asks to you, I have to fill out a capcha to prove I’m not a robot. First it just has me click a box saying I’m not a robot. Then if I take a minute or so to type in my ask, it says my session has expired and I have to answer difficult questions about pictures, e.g. type the text and it’s really hard to see the text, or recognize which pictures are of sushi and it shows a bunch of complicated photos of food. So far I was able to answer them but they were hard.

realsocialskills said:

Oh no, that’s awful. I didn’t change anything about my theme, so it must be related to the new Tumblr update.

I don’t want it to do that, and I’m not sure how to make it stop.

(Two options for people who can’t get anon to work and don’t want their name posted:

  • Send me an ask off anon and tell me not to publish your name
  • Send me an email at (I assume that all emails are intended to stay anonymous unless someone says otherwise)

Does anybody know how to make the captcha go away?