Social skills for autonomous people: Borrowing computers



Hi… I have a suggestion I’d really like to see: a post with more about people asking to borrow your computer and similar issues and why this can be a problem. Thanks for the blog! :)

dusty-soul said:

Since I just thought of it, if someone doesn’t take no for an answer and or what ever, instead of saying, “I don’t trust you not to break it” you can say, “If it breaks I don’t have the reasources to fix it and thats a situation I’m doing everything in my power to avoid.” Because then you’re not implying that the person who wants to barrow it is going to break it/ is incomitent with computers. I still don’t think this is the best wording, but I think having this option is important and comes of better than, “No, because I said so/Please leave.” I hope you understand these replies I’m thinking of.