chavisory answered: If you’re having wine, have some soda or cider too in case there are people who avoid alcohol. Hard cider is also a nice alternative to beer

realsocialskills said:

That’s an important point. If you’re having a gathering that includes alcohol, it’s important to have non-alcoholic drinks too. 

A lot of people avoid alcohol for various reasons, and you don’t always know who they are.

And even people who drink often find it easier to avoid drinking too much if there are non-alcoholics drinks available.

Also, consider who you are inviting when you’re deciding whether to have alcohol. If you’re inviting people who tend to be really obnoxious when they’re drunk, it might be better to stick with soft drinks.

eggsnemesis said:

Also please don’t put the onus of bringing non-alcoholic drinks on the people who don’t drink alcohol. 

A lot of our large family gatherings in the past few years involved the hosts asking my dad (who is a former alcoholic) to bring any pop or juice or him having to bring them with him. 

These family gatherings often involved children and we’d have to drive all the way out there and often come in after most everybody else arrived. Like firstly: wouldn’t it just be better to have juices or whatever from the start? and secondly: I don’t know how my dad felt about it, but it always felt like “well if you’re not gonna drink alcohol you have to figure it out yourself”.

Side note as someone who personally doesn’t drink alcohol: I don’t mind if a host or someone else offers alcohol to me and I can usually politely decline or ask for something else. What bothers me is when they either attempt to change my mind or keep asking (“oh but it’s a really good vintage”, “are you sure you don’t want any?”) or act as if it’s weird and want to know WHY I don’t drink (and that’s almost always a really awkward conversation no matter what answer I give).

So if someone declines alcohol from you, please move on and don’t question too closely.

What could be helpful as a host is to have a range of drinks and offer all of them at once - for example, saying: “Would you like a drink? We have wine, beer, juice, water…?” This means the person doesn’t have to turn down alcohol specifically or be in a position where they have to ask if there’s anything non-alcoholic.