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Jaded Things: Some things I think I know about dirty jokes


This post I think is not quite right. It’s something I know a bit about, but there are parts I don’t understand too. Anyway, here are some things I think I know about dirty jokes.

Jokes about the…

Tip: Instead of saying you take offense when you actually are offended, repeatedly claim to not “get" or understand the joke, and insist that the person who told the joke explain why it’s funny. It FORCES them to admit to the ugly prejudice/cruelty at the joke’s core and makes THEM look INsensitive without making you look “thin-skinned".

I’ve heard this advice a lot but I’ve never tried it or seen it done. Have any of y’all used this successfully?

I tried a version of this with a stranger who was making anti-semetic jokes and he treated me increasingly condescendingly and even angrily attempting to explain it before switching to jokes about ukrainians so I got up and walked away. 

I’ve never tried it before with a non-stranger (or with someone who I couldn’t just walk away from), maybe a friend or co-worker is less likely to react with hostility?

I don’t know. I could see that playing out either way.