Social skills for autonomous people: The power of “I can’t”


People will try to tell you that you can do things you can’t do.

It’s hard to insist that no, you can’t do them. Or that you can’t do them safely. Or that you can’t do them without using up all your spoons and losing the capacity to do things that are more important.

They will tell you that this…

empowerevolve said:

I read a business book that said the same thing, but in a way that seemed like good business sense.  The advice was to know your talents and to not waste time on activities that you could pay someone else to do better than you.  To run a good business, you don’t have to wear all the hats.  It’s funny how that makes good business sense, but in our personal lives it sounds like we’re giving in and not trying hard enough.

realsocialskills said:

Wow, that’s interesting. I don’t know very much about business, and I hadn’t heard that.

Do any of y'all know if that is standard business advice?