Facebook boundaries



(This is in regards to your recent post about no, boundaries, and pushing people around.) After a multi-year relationship ends, person A still feels intense pain on seeing person B’s face/name on friends Facebook walls. Person B has largely removed themselves from person A’s social circles, but the mutual friends keep them as Facebook friends. Would it be asserting or pushing for person A to politely ask that those friends remove person B from their Facebook due to the pain person A feels?
I think it depends on the situation and the relationships involved. I think that would usually be more like pushing people around, but not always. 
I think that it’s usually unreasonable to expect people to choose between person A and person B in a breakup, unless the relationship was abusive. And asking people to unfriend someone on Facebook is definitely asking them to take sides.
And even if the relationship was abusive, it might not be in your interests to try to convince every single person who knows both of you of this.
That said, if you block someone on Facebook, then they won’t show up in your feed even if they comment on things that you can see. Blocking someone makes them invisible to you for the most part. I think it would be better to try that first.

Been there done that from an abusive relationship. Block, block, block. Totally a great idea. It’s been years since I last talked to them and they’re still blocked as well as their friends who I was friends with on Facebook (but not close to) who kept tagging him in their status. (You can’t see the blocked person’s page but that doesn’t prevent people from talking about them in posts.) There are three or four people on my block list. It was a really great idea and I have absolutely zero regrets.

(Now if only I could get stop getting gossip updates about them from my friend who hate-shares new happenings with me when we see each other. Not helping, dude.)