Do you think that reassurance-seeking is always a bad thing? Because some of your posts seem to imply it.
realsocialskills said:
I didn’t realize my posts sounded that way, but I see what you mean now that you point it out.
This. Plus there is a kind of mode people can get into (and I know this because I have been there myself) where you feel a deep longing for reassurance, but no amount or type of reassurance actually fixes things or lets you feel okay. Which means that while the problem *looks* like a lack of validation/reassurance, there is probably something different going on. Which makes seeking more and more reassurance essentially like eating more and more ice when you’re anemic.

realsocialskills said:

Yes, that can also happen.

I’m having trouble thinking of examples of problems that can look that way, though.

Do any of y’all know of any?