Flamingo Rampant needs more preorders to print diverse LGBT2Q picture books

Note: I’m not affiliated with Flamingo Rampant in any way, I just think that this kind of project is really important.

Flamingo Rampant publishes diverse LGBT2Q kids books. They’re trying to fund a new set of books. In order to do this, they need 250 new pre-orders by December 29th. If they get them, these books will exist:

The new slate of books has a Celebration! theme, and will include:

• a baby shower, featuring three parents - all superheroes - and a surprise twist ending!

• a pow wow story of a 2 Spirit kid, and the beautiful community that coalesces to support that kid’s desire to live (and dance!) authentically.

• a birthday party counting book called Bell’s Knock-Knock Birthday, featuring sound effects, kids, and cake -  together!

• a mischeivous and magical story set at a community Eid celebration, featuring two gay dads and their twins

• a charming Passover Seder story of two lesbian bubbies and a lost afikomen that cannot be found.

• a Christmas story of a young girl who goes to great lengths to make the holiday wonderful for her parent who has come out as trans during Advent.

Right now, it’s looking like they’re not going to meet the fundraising target, which means these books won’t get printed. If you want these books to exist and can afford to buy them, please consider pre-ordering on their kickstarter. (It’s also possible to  pledge smaller amounts for smaller rewards.)