Food as small talk


Time, Wasted: some things I think I know about small talk


Regarding professions and names:

  • If you are in a college or university setting, asking someone what their major is is considered an acceptable small talk question, and it can lead to actual conversation.
  • Asking someone what they do (for work) is socially acceptable in…

I’ve found food/cooking to be almost ALWAYS safe as small talk.  Unless you’re talking about butchering/hunting in front of a vegan, I suppose. 

Also in college I used to offer candy to break the ice.  If I bought a bar of dark chocolate and offered to share with classmates, they either wanted to talk about how much they love dark chocolate, or how much they hated it.  But either way you got a conversation.  And they always ended up being better conversations than the other favorite… ‘whining about the class/teacher/assignment’ which I think just sets you a bad precedent for small talk.  I still know people who are constantly complaining…not because they’re actually upset, but that’s how they’ve learned to start conversations.

Wow, that’s a really good idea.

What words did you use to offer the candy? Like “hey, I have chocolate, do you want some?” Or something else?