Food Delivery

I’m no expert, but here’s what I know.

Most food delivery people use their own method of transportation, and pay for their own gas, which is why a 15% tip is a pretty good standard minimum.  Delivery fees almost never go to the driver, this is especially true of chain stores like Pizza Hut (local businesses may treat people better). 

As for a general how to?  I order online because it’s easier for me to avoid using the phone and it limits the number of times I have to talk to people, I’ll put some links to websites that make that easier down below.  Then I wait.  I have some mobility issues that make it harder to get up quickly so about the time the food is supposed to arrive I get up and wait by the door.

The delivery person should confirm your name or order and give you your food it set inside, then either take your cash (including tip) and hand you a receipt or take your credit card.  If you pay with a card, you’ll have to sign it etc. and either tip with cash or write the tip and total down for the driver.

I’m not sure what else to include, these are all the things I wish I’d known the first time I ordered in on my own.

Most major pizza places will deliver, but pizza is a pretty limited selection and not all other places that deliver have online ordering on their website, a lot of local places are set up with eat24 though.  eat24 lets you see all the places that will deliver to you, when you want it, in one place and then lets you order from any of them.  Here is the link

I haven’t used grubhub before, but it’s pretty much the same thing.  I checked it out, it gave me the same resaults as eat24 but they have less contrast between text and background which may or may not be an issue for you (it is for me) but here is the link: