Food delivery etiquette






I feel silly asking this but: what is the etiquette for answering the door for mail/pizza deliveries? Specifically, is it rude if I answer the door in (non-revealing) PJs with unbrushed hair and just generally looking like I’ve been hit by a truck? On low-spoon days, I’d like to just order pizza, but I often can’t bring myself to do it because I feel I need to look human for the delivery driver and obviously I don’t have the spoons for that either. (I’m a girl, which shouldn’t matter but does).
realsocialskills said:
I actually don’t know, but I bet someone who reads this will.
Do any of y’all know whether it’s ok to answer the door for food deliveries wearing PJs?
And what else should people know about the etiquette of ordering delivery food?

vampirequing said:

One time I was super low on spoons so I didn’t even answer the door. I wrote “Payment for pizza in ziplock bag” on a ziplock bag and taped it to the door. The delivery being left the pizza on the porch and I got it after their vehicle left.

realsocialskills said:

Folks with food delivery experience - does it bother you if people do that?

nerdloveandlolz said:

With regard to the original question, you are under no obligation to look beautiful for the world. This is something us girls do to ourselves. Men generally don’t feel bad for rolling out of bed and walking to the deli/corner store for coffee/cigarettes/whatever. Men don’t feel the need to shave their faces every day before they answer the door. You don’t have to be perfect and beautifully groomed in order to deserve respect from others, particularly in this context. As long as you’re polite to the person, give as decent of a tip as you can generally afford, it’s fine. I think a few words to the person like “boy it’s cold out, hope you stay warm!” or something like that, something to let them know that *you* know you’re talking to a human — that kind of thing is a million times more important than whether or not you’ve brushed your hair!

Again: you are under no obligation to anyone at any time to be perfectly beautiful.

kittensandfeminism said:

agreed. i used to do deliveries and i didn’t care what the person looked like as long as they didn’t stiff me on the tip. and the whole leave the money in the ziplock bag thing happens so often.