For Anyone Who Doesn't Go By Their Legal/ Given Name:



I just wrote out my template for this term’s classes informing my professors that the name they see on their roster is not the name I go by.

I’m sharing it here in case you need some help wording yours. Just add your own information where the blanks are. Love to you for this upcoming term <3


This coming term beginning on January 6, I’m signed up to be a part of your class. I wanted to send you this email as a heads up that while my legal name on your roster should read as “___________”, I prefer to be called ‘_______’.

Being a trans student can be awkward that first week when reading out names and I’m hoping to avoid confusion by informing you of my preferred name ahead of time.

I prefer ________ pronouns (_______ work wonderfully) and will also accept the use of my name (_____) in place of pronouns if you find that easier.

I’m excited to start this term in your class and I can’t wait to start this year!

Thank you in advance,


strix-alba said:

I used a similar letter for my first three semesters, until I had legally changed my name. In retrospect, I might add a line at the end of the next-to-last paragraph to the effect of “If you do accidentally use the wrong pronouns, please don’t make a big deal out of it; just correct and move on.” I had a few well-meaning professors who went out of their way to apologize - which I appreciated - in the middle of the class discussion - which made me want to sink into a hole in the floor and cry. I don’t know if the way that I’ve worded it is very polite, though, so I don’t think I would copy this word-for-word if there is a better way to say it.