Pervocracy’s Personal Tumblr: Meeting sensory needs without violating boundaries


Sometimes people feel a strong need for a certain kind of sensory input, and then use other people’s bodies to meet that need even over their objections.

It’s not ok to do that. Not for sex, not for comfort, not for any other reason. People’s bodies are their own.


Fidget toys are awesome, but I’ve never really found that stuffed toys can replicate the feeling of another person. Respecting boundaries is something I need to work on more though.

Yes; not all of these things work for everyone. (And, in any case, whether these things work or not, it’s important to respect boundaries).

That said, Squishables are different from other stuffed animals, and they’re dramatically better for hugging than any other type I’ve seen. So it might still be worth a try.

There are also hug chairs:


Where does that one come from? The closest thing I see is at, which is a bit different.