Hi, this is for the person who posted about getting stuck in feedback loops of negativity. I have depression and that happens to me a lot. One thing that has helped me is writing in colorful sticky notes and putting them all over my room, in my wallet, in my dresser drawers, in my school binder,basically anywhere I’ll find them. They have little positive messages and quotes that inspire me. So if I’m being mean to myself they remind me to think positive.
realsocialskills said:
Has this worked for any of y’all? And if so, what kind of things has it been helpful to put on the notes?

fractionalrabbits said:

This doesn’t work for me because I always dismiss them because they were done by me, if that makes sense. But when I’m in a really good mood / out of a depressive slump, I try to stockpile on nice things for other people to have on hand whenever they’re having a bad day (like letters or doodles or pictures of pretty things to send them on bad days). I don’t know if this helps at all, but I thought I’d chime in.