note to fellow feminists


We need to stop assuming that women who are nonfeminist or antifeminist are just stupid and brainwashed by men.

They are women who disagree with us.

Feminism ought to be about respecting women. Not just women who agree with us. Feminist attitudes towards women who disagree with us can get really…

gamzee-bolton said:

I’m sorry, but I don’t respect or support antifeminists of any gender. I’ll be polite and respectful in most social situations because I don’t have all goddamn day to fight with these assholes (and let’s be real sometimes you have to be polite to shitty people), but they don’t get ANY of my emotional resources beyond that. 

But I do agree that it’s generally not a matter of “stupid and/or brainwashed.” The anti-feminist women I know support the patriarchy because they’re pretty fucking good at using it to their advantage. And none of them give a *flying fuck* if that same patriarchy gets used as a weapon against other women. Shit, they’ll use it against other women themselves if you give them a chance.

TL;DR FUCK antifeminists, but don’t underestimate them.

realsocialskills said:

It’s sometimes ok to have contempt for someone’s worldview. What’s not ever ok is treating them like they don’t *have* a worldview. And that happens a lot in certain kinds of feminist discussions.

It’s like this: men are considered sincerely sexist. Women with the same values as those men get considered as brainwashed, or nonexistent or something. Women are still people when they’re wrong, and they’re still women when they’re wrong.

It is not ok to treat sexist women as brainwashed patriarchy objects.