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way too many folks casually use the term “gypped” and i cringe every single time. 

folks, that term is derived from the slur “gypsy” which refers to the romani peoples. many of us use this term to self-identify or to identify our families (my family uses the term constantly), but it’s not a word for you to use. we use it as an act of reclamation.

and we don’t use “gypped” because it’s an awful term and nobody should use it ever, thanks.

Thank you.

And similarly:

  • “Gypsy” is an ethnic slur. It’s not ok to call something a “gypsy lifestyle” unless you’re a member of an ethic group that slur is used against and you’re reclaiming it
  • It’s not ok to name your cat “gypsy”. Because it is a slur. And it’s not ok to name pets slurs.
  • Similarly clothing. It’s not ok to use slurs to refer to clothing styles.

And, just generally speaking, keep in mind that it’s a slur, and that it refers to and harms people.

You may have grown up seeing lots of caricatures and stereotypes in TV and stories attached to that slur. You may have had no idea that the slur is a reference to an actual group of people. You may have said that slur over and over without realizing it was hurting anyone.

This is not your fault. But it does not mean it was ok or harmless for you to say the word them. It just means you didn’t know you were hurting people.

And now that you do know that it’s a slur that hurts people, stop saying it.