Welcome to Junktown: Supporting people who are overly apologetic


Some people apologize all the time, for everything. This can be very annoying.

Here’s a conversation:

  • Mary: I like ice cream. I don’t want to order a slice of cake. I’m sorry.
  • Darlene: Dude, you don’t have to apologize!
  • Mary: Argh, I’m sorry about that.
  • Darlene:…

This only works sometimes with some people, and you have to know what you’re doing, but I often like to get fake-offended and be like, “oh my god how could you.  we can’t be friends now.  I’m never speaking to you again.  you’ve ruined everything in the entire universe.”  Make it really really exaggerated and overblown so there’s no way they could possibly miss the sarcasm (do not do this with people who can’t grasp sarcasm, no matter what).

It’s silly and goofy and makes them realize they’ve overreacted without being nasty.  Don’t do it too often though or people will get annoyed with it.  If you do it once and it obviously doesn’t work for that person, don’t ever do it again.  Seriously.  This has potential to backfire.

While I have occasionally seen this work, I would not recommend it. It tends to backfire badly.