Getting questions heard



People tend not to answer me when I ask a question, even if it’s something I need to know. It’s particularly bad with regards to planning or getting background information on what is happening at a given time. What might I be doing that tells people answering me is optional? How can I emphasize that getting an answer is important? (I’m pretty sure I’m the problem, since no one else has trouble finding things out from the same people I am talking to.)
realsocialskills answered:

Do any of y’all know other things that get in the way of people noticing questions, and potential workarounds?

wolffyluna said:

In my experience, the inflection for a question is rising in pitch over the last few syllables. You might have to exaggerate that when talking to people with certain accents, because that’s what accent naturally does. (For example, people who speak with Australian accents always sound like we’re asking questions to people with other accents because we almost always go up in  pitch at the end.)