Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween to those who are celebrating, or who enjoy noticing holidays.

Here are some things you might want to know about Halloween:

Buying costumes from stores can be hard. Here are some strategies for dealing with costume stores, or helping others to do so.

Costume stores aren’t the only place to get costumes. Other options might be better, cheaper, or easier.

Some people who grow out of trick or treating like to go to loud drunken parties. Other people like to do other things together.

Halloween doesn’t have to mean an in-person group gathering. There are many other ways to celebrate Halloween if you are so inclined.

Some rules of trick of treat etiquette if you’re giving out candy at home (or would like to opt out.)

Also, some things to keep in mind: Halloween requires consent just like any other day. Don’t be a jerk.

Racism is still racist on Halloween. Don’t wear a blackface costume

tl;dr Some people like Halloween. Some people don’t. (Both are ok and nobody’s business but your own.) Some people like Halloween but find various aspects of it difficult. Here are some links to posts that might make it easier/more fun.