Headphones to reduce noise?



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A friend of mine recently lent me her noise-canceling earmuffs that she uses for the firing range at a party, and I found them super helpful for avoiding getting overwhelmed by the noisiness of the group. They were only comfortable to wear for about 45 minutes-an hour, though. Do you or any of your followers have any advice on how to find similar earmuffs/headphones that would be comfortable for long wear on a very large adult head?

realsocialskills said:

I don’t know, but I bet a lot of people who read this do.

People who use earmuffs or headphones to avoid auditory overload - which kind do you use? What’s the most comfortable? And where can you buy them?

actualtsoni said:

i find earmuffs to be uncomfortable in general, triggering a lot of my sensory overload triggers anyways. trade off auditory overload for tactile overload, not exactly what i wanna do.

so i went with headphones instead. bose noise-cancelling headphones are designed to be comfortable and cancel noise pretty well, but theyre definitely not strong enough for very noisy situations. for those i usually have to play enya through the headphones instead, which has saved me from quite a few overload situations, especially in places like my school cafeteria. the combination of music and noise cancellation has helped me, personally, but i know its different for everyone.

plus no one really questions you wearing bose headphones everywhere. theyre pretty nice headphones, so why wouldnt you? they can be expensive, but definitely not as expensive as beats. not sure if lower-quality headphones would also do the trick, but i went as high as my budget would allow and have never regretted it, theyve become essential in my life since. couldnt live without them.

you can get them at best buy and look for labels that describe them as noise cancelling, or if you can, ask one of the people there that youre looking for headphones with good sound quality and noise cancellation. theyll try to sell you beats, so you have to say something like “i don’t care about brand recognition” or “i don’t need beats, just good headphones.” you’ll be paying for the brand, and you only want to be paying for the noise cancellation.