Social skills for autonomous people: Borrowing computers


Hi… I have a suggestion I’d really like to see: a post with more about people asking to borrow your computer and similar issues and why this can be a problem. Thanks for the blog! :)
realsocialskills answered:
Here’s how I’d explain…

Hedgeclippers said:

I think it’s worth noting that some people are willing to look things up for you, or send a link or something, as long as they’re the one in control of the computer/tablet/whatever. So if someone asks to borrow your computer, you could suggest looking it up yourself (if you’re willing to). If you’re the one asking, instead of asking to use their computer, maybe ask them to look something up for you (or send a link, or go to a website. Or whatever it is).

This is also assuming that the computer borrowing is for something simple and that won’t take long. I think it’s probably best to assume that unless you’re very close to someone that you can’t borrow their computer for more than 10 minutes or so.