Hello Audio-Needing Friends


For those of you like me who need audio to help you study because of autism, your learning style, or any other reason, 

Did you know that Adobe Reader has an accessibility feature? 

It can read any PDF out loud for you in a computerized voice. Though far from perfect, it helps immensely for class readings. 

Open the PDF from a saved file on your computer with Adobe Reader. At the top of the window you’ll see file-view-tools-blah blah blah. 

Click on View and scroll down the very last item on the menu: Activate Read Out Loud. Click on it. 

The menu will close. Go back to View, and hover over the same menu item which should now read “Read Out Loud” with a submenu. 

Via the sub menu you can choose to have the reader read the entire document, or just one page at a time. There are also pause, stop, and resume options. Skip to a new page at any time during the reading by clicking on the upper left corner of the new page. 

Study Hearty!

realsocialskills said:

Macs can actually do this with any text. You do it this way:

  • select the text you want to read
  • right-click on it
  • select Speech from the contextual menu
  • select Start Speaking

You can control the voice and speech rate in the Dictation and Speech pane of the System Preferences.