Uppity Negress: Some examples of social violence against disabled folks




I wrote a post a while back about writing characters with disabilities. I said that in real life, disabled folks experience social violence regularly. In order to write realistic disabled characters, it’s important to write in…

iammyfather said:

Scaring people.  Some people think that if they see a blind person they can walk up and grab their arm and be “helpful”.  Think about it for a second. you’re in a crowd and a complete stranger comes up from behind, grabs you, and says “I’m here to help.” how would you feel.  I If you really want to help, Introduce yourself and ASK.  a simple “May i help you?” isn’t that hard.  If the person answers yes, THEN place your elbow  ahead of the unused hand and say “just reach forward and take my elbow.” Easy, non invasive, and helpful.  If the person says NO, do NOT insist.  Also if some one is deaf, DO NOT SHOUT.  It don’t help and it is embarrassing.