How do you ask for accomendations when you don’t have a go-to reason to explain why you need it? I don’t know if I’m disabled (I find info about disablities completely inaccessible to me, though…

igotpillstheyremultiplying said:

I was told by the Disabled Student Services of my school that no acccomodations would be given without a formal diagnosis *and* a letter from my doctor explaining exactly what accommodations I needed and why.

Which is why I am no longer in school, ha!

I hope OP’s school is better at actually providing services, because at my school all they did was gatekeep.

The woman I spoke to literally said to my face that she didn’t really believe that a lot of the disabled students were as disabled as they said they were.. These were people with doctor’s notes and everything..


realsocialskills said:

I wish that was surprising. I’m sorry that people did that to you.

I’ve found that disability services is not always representative of the teachers. Sometimes individual teachers care about accommodations and are reasonable even when the disability office functions as the office of access prevention.