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What do you think about talking sexually (“I got a butt plug” kind of thing) in public (maybe at the mall) with friends? I like to talk about (often, gay) sex (it’s fun and liberating), and don’t care who hears,…

igotpillstheyremultiplying said:

Important also: this means that even if your workplace is say a queer positive type community centre, DO NOT share details about your sex life or who you think is “hot” in the workplace.

I was a volunteer peer counselor somewhere and one of the staff members did this during our training and it made me really uncomfortable as a survivor, as well as being really unprofessional.

realsocialskills said:

Yes. Professionalism is actually *particularly* important in these kinds of spaces. People who come to queer positive spaces for support are particularly vulnerable. The last thing someone dealing with being mistreated for their sexuality needs is sexual creepiness from people in a queer community center.

Also, when you’re dealing with sexual topics in a work or volunteer context, professionalism is especially important. The line between talking about sex and hitting on someone needs to be absolutely clear and not crossed. And making sure that remains the case needs to be a priority for everyone involved.