iguanafish replied to your post “Anonymous said: Is it rude to wave your hands in front of…”

Option 3: this is someone whom this is happening to and they want validation that it’s wrong. That’s one reason this could “even” be a question.

realsocialskills said:

It didn’t sound that way to me, but that possibility is part of the reason I explained personal space first. I think you’re right that I ought to have taken that possibility into account more explicitly than I did though.

So here’s an answer, if that was the question:

No one has the right to wave their hand in your face, especially if they know you don’t like that. (Unless you’re their caregiver and you’re neglecting them in dangerous ways and that’s the only viable way they  can get your attention).

People who insist on putting their hand in your face are being mean. They’re not doing it because of your body language or your disability, they are doing it because they are mean. You’re ok, they’re mean.