High school graduation



My daughter graduates from high school in a month. She has Aspergers and had many challenges but managed to do well academically. However, she didn’t feel that the school dealt well with her. She is…

ischemgeek said:

^ What this person said. Also: If the photo-ops are part of why you want her to go, consider staging your own “yay graduation” photo-ops that celebrate the milestone in a way that she’s comfortable with celebrating it.

I may be projecting my own bad high school experience (peer bullying, teacher bullying, sexual harassment, lack of accommodations, and so on) onto your daughter a bit here, but to make a long story short, being forced to go to my grad ceremony in HS induced a 20-hour shutdown and 2 weeks of sleeping 14 hours a day for me. It was really bad. Too much social, too much emotion, too much touching, and too much being touched by people that I both loathed and was terrified of. I imagine if your daughter had similar experiences to me in school, she’s at the point of “never want anything to do with that place or 95% of the people in it ever again.”

So my suggestion would be to find a way to celebrate the milestone for her to show her how happy and proud you are that she did well in difficult circumstances without making her have to play nice to people and an institution that at this point in her life she might absolutely loathe.