Some strategies for wearing costumes


Some people like to buy bagged costumes for costume stores, but that isn’t a good option for everyone.

Some reasons bagged costumes are not a good option for everyone:

  • Bagged costumes are often really expensive
  • They tend to have unpleasant textures, fabrics, smells, and seams
  • It might be hard…

ischemgeek said:

Shopping at used clothing stores  can yield good pieces for making costumes on the cheap, without having to sew your own if like me a total lack of fine motor coordination makes sewing hard-to-impossible.  You have to be flexible with what you’re going to go as, though. Once, I lucked into a beautiful white, embroidered, hooded coat at a used clothing store . It had a coffee stain which I was able to remove with spot treatment, bleaching, followed by lemon juice and sunlight. Because it was stained, they gave it to me for $1.

I combined this with some white on-sale, discount scrub pants I found at the dollar store ($1) and a pair of white boots a friend was willing to give me since she’d bought them without realizing they were the wrong size and they’d been sitting in the back of her closet for a year. A spare banister end from a friend (free) and a wooden dowel ($2) with a screw (nickel) made a staff, which I painted (I had extra white paint on hand, and spent $2 on toll paints for the rest of it).

It made an excellent - and warm, which is important in Canada if you’re going to an outdoor halloween event like I was - white mage costume, which all together cost me about $5.05. A lower-quality and not warm at all costume for the same concept was going for about $30 in stores.

If I’d been really hard up for cash, I could’ve just grabbed a prop on hand from my martial arts stuff and eliminated the staff, which would’ve given me a costume for $2 and some stain-removal work. If I didn’t get the white boots, I would’ve gone with sturdy hiking boots I already had on hand, under the reasoning that a white mage adventurer should have sensible shoes. :P