hey I’m not sure if this is a good blog for this (if not, just delete this) but after several bad experiences today I thought I’d share something that apparently a lot of people don’t know: if you’re…

ischemgeek said:

Don’t make prolonged eye contact with or stare at the horse. Skittish horses view this as predator behavior and think, “AAAA! They’re going to eat me!”

Also keep in mind that horses’ instinctive reaction to being startled/surprised/discomforted/unsure is “AAAA! It’s going to eat me!” So avoid sudden movements, loud noises, shouting, cursing, letting your dog bark, shrieking, “LOOK, IT’S A HORSE!” etc.

Basically anything that a sensory sensitive person wouldn’t like, a horse probably also wouldn’t like. Except a horse weighs a ton (literally), can run as fast as a car if it decides to run away (which the rider won’t be too happy about, especially if they come off), and can kick through 2x4s when it’s scared or pissed off.