Jaded Things: Some things I think I know about dirty jokes


This post I think is not quite right. It’s something I know a bit about, but there are parts I don’t understand too. Anyway, here are some things I think I know about dirty jokes.

Jokes about the following subjects are usually considered dirty (some of these jokes are…

So long story short, don’t tell dirty jokes to people you aren’t really good friends with. And don’t tell racist/sexist/*ist jokes in general if you want to have friends.

Actually, telling racist/sexist/ableist/etc hate jokes isn’t necessarily socially isolating. It can be a very effective way to bond with some people. It can even be socially isolating to refuse, if you’re around a lot of people who really like telling those jokes.

It’s bad to tell hate jokes. But the reason it’s bad isn’t that it will make you unpopular. The reason hate jokes are wrong is that it’s wrong to hurt other people for your own entertainment.