gramireus asked realsocialskills: Loading…Hi! I hope this hasn’t been asked before, and that I’m asking this right, but I was looking for an alternative word for something. I know the word “fronting” isn’t supposed to be used for this, so what word would you use to describe pretending to be neurotypical or not mentally ill?

Mostly I’ve seen people call that “passing”.

As in “Joe learned how to fake NT body language, so he passes for NT a lot of the time.”

Or, “I can’t usually pass, but I can do it for an hour or two when applying for jobs”.

It’s called “covering” if you admit to being other-than-NT, but still do everything you would do in order to appear NT if you were trying to pass.

i hate when people tell me what words i’m ‘supposed’ to use for my experiences. i say ‘fronting’ all the time. it’s all bluster and bravado with me when i do it, it’s the same as acting cool. i can say ‘fronting’ if i want.

I’m actually completely unfamiliar with the term “fronting” and wasn’t trying to say anything about whether it’s an appropriate word. I have no idea.

All I meant was that if you’re looking for words, these are some that are commonly used.