Marginalized people are not revolution objects


So, here’s a thing I’ve seen happen:

  • People get really into social justice theory
  • and then they read a lot from people who all agree with each other
  • and then they assume that everyone in that group agrees
  • and then, when they encounter someone in that group who doesn’t think that thing, they…

kaisnonsense said:

It’s also really really important to remember that when people with chronic pain/fatigue/etc say we want to be cured or get better treatment, we’re not ‘betraying the movement’ or suffering from 'internalised ableism’ or whatever.

I’ve been told both by people who were either able-bodied or didn’t have the same/similar conditions as me, and being told that by not wanting to live in pain or by wanting more mobility I’m betraying other disabled people is really not fun. At all. Please don’t do it.

realsocialskills said:

I think that’s true no matter what condition you have. I think people with just about every condition have a full range of different opinions about cure.

People with disabilities disagree with one another about all kinds of important things, and *we get to do that*. And it’s important to acknowledge disagreement as disagreement, rather than insinuating that everyone who disagrees with me is brainwashed or something.