Social skills for autonomous people: Why some of us need food strategies






probably even more that I haven’t yet.

Would transparent doors, drawers, etc. help any?  Or even removing certain doors altogether (obviously not the refrigerator door :-) )  Sorry to raise a suggestion that would take money to really implement in full (assuming it were helpful to do so).

Thanks. I don’t mind at all, and luckily money isn’t as much of a consideration there as it could be.

I have actually considered taking the top cabinet doors off, even though that would probably mean some dusting inside. I wouldn’t mind replacing what we’ve got with something like this when I have the spoons available:

That looks like a decent door compromise. I’ve been wanting to redo the kitchen for a good while anyway. But, that’s fairly low priority now with the general clutter around here. Taking doors off might be a good interim measure. :)

Windowed cupboard doors is actually a suggestion in one of my favourite ADHD organizing books (I love it because it’s just about organizing your home to work with your brain, and it’s got a bazillion photos in it) (link to Indigo web site).