Keeping track of medications



(This was originally a photopost with an image about not being able to remember whether you’d taken medications or not. Something about the image struck me as possibly triggering to some of y’all, so I’m reblogging as text).



Every day… 

I have to share the awesome app I use to negate this issue!

it’s called Medisafe and it’s a free app available in the app store or on google play and it allows you to input all your medications and:

-choose the shape, color, and dosage of each medication (including indicating if it’s an injection or a pill or an inhaler)
-notate the dosage and/or # of pills
-each time of day/night it needs to be taken
-add food or other special instructions
-schedule refill reminders
-add a med-friend (someone who will be notified if you forget to take it!)

The interface is great and i’ve found it very easy to use.  You can also add meds to take “as needed” so you can indicate that you’ve taken an out-of-time painkiller or booster pill etc.

When it’s time to take your pills it uses the text-notifcation noise on your phone to alert you- so it’s lowkey, but (usually) unmissable.  When it’s time, you have the option to snooze, dismiss, or take pills.  OR you can just shake your phone to indicate that you’ve taken them (I usually either snooze or shake the phone).

It tracks your progress too and you can export yourself an excel spreadsheet of your pill taking to give your physician etc if needed.

You can set the snooze time manually, the maximum number of alarms, all kinds of things- you can set your own alert sound too if you don’t want it to use your text-notification.

I am TERRRRRRRIBLE about remembering pills (seriously, I forgot for 3 weeks).  I haven’t missed a dose since I started using it and it’s fantastic.

wolffyluna said:

Also, let me sing the praises of webster packs. I’m not sure what they’re called in other countries, but they are basically large blister packs with about a week’s worth of medicine order by day and time of taking. You can get pharmacists to do them, I’m not sure if it costs more or not.

They’re not ideal (you don’t really know what you’re taking, you’re at the mercy of the pharmacists) but for some people they’re really good, because you can easily double check whether you’ve taken things (have you opened the blister for that time?) and are especially good if you have a lot of medication to take.