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fuck yeah, hard femme!: Don’t confuse being on the right side with being trustworthy


One of my favorite things about the earlier Harry Potter books is the description of Professor Snape.

Because he’s openly and unapologetically abusive. And so the kids…

My argument is this: people fucking love snape. Snape has a literal fangirl legion because he’s a good guy who is a dick. People are taught to think that anything is forgiveable for the sake of love. Son instead of Snape being seen as a jealous, abusive wee creep, he’s seen as dark and sexy and intriguing. Everyone writes fanfic where their sue/stu attempts to fix him with love. He’s described in the book as being ungodly ugly and horrible - but that’s not the way he is perceived.

I think that you’ve garnered that from Harry Potter and now you’re making out like it’s something that is widely interpreted. That’s not really true though, considering no one hates snape. Fuck, even i don’t hate Snape and i’m a hardcore man-hating feminazi bitch. 

I’m also kinna annoyed that you thought that by saying “~*~*People learn things from stories~*~*” you had sorted me right out. 

To interpret Snape like you did, you would have to already have a deep understanding of male-female power relations and patterns of manipulation and abuse. 

It’s great if people interpret Harry Potter in that specific way, but it’s a long shot to make out like somehow it teaches a wider audience abhout issues like this when it actually doesn’t. It does the opposite for most people. 

Oh, I see. I thought you were saying that it’s not something people learn from because it’s just a kid’s book or something. Sorry I misread you like that.

I agree with you that people like Snape and it’s a problem. I think that the latter books in the series completely betray the character, and that’s actually a reason that I don’t like the last few books at all. They’re just filled with so much wrongness about pretty much all of the characters, but especially Snape.

The books that ruin everything came out a few years later, though. Most of the time I spent thinking about these books was before Snape’s character was explained away and the kids who suffered at his hand were completely betrayed by the purported explanation of his actions.

Snape is not a good guy. He’s a horrible person. And the first few books showed that, and I don’t know a lot of other examples of books that show that dynamic. Do you know of any that show someone as on the right side in a major battle, but still horrible, and don’t then betray it with a horrifying rapey “love” plot?