lacommunarde answered your question “Trick or treat ettiquite in the US”

How do you do Halloween etiquette with apartments? I don’t want to put out a bowl of candy and have it end of all over my hall.

realsocialskills said:

If you want to opt out entirely, you can turn your hall light off and not put up Halloween decorations. Most people understand that this means you’re not participating, and most people respect that.

I think that it’s unlikely that putting out a bowl of candy will result in people scattering it all over your hall. Most trick or treaters are supervised, and most trick or treaters want to collect as much candy as possible as fast as possible. Most kids aren’t going to want to stick around to eat the candy, so they aren’t too likely to scatter wrappers.

Kids also aren’t likely to scatter the candy itself, because they want to take it with them. Kids who are inclined to be obnoxious are more likely to take all the candy than to scatter it.

I’ve never seen a bowl of candy result in candy or wrappers scattered everywhere.

Has this been other people’s experience? When you’ve put out a bowl of candy, has it resulted in a candy mess?