be nice to retail and service industry workers on a regular basis, but be extra nice during the holidays.

you have absolutely no idea how stressful it is to get through a holiday season in retail.

go out of your way to show service workers you appreciate them.

if you eat out, tip even better than usual. i know the holidays are expensive and money is tight, but the person bringing you your meal is managing a lot of stress.

seek out managers to let them know how wonderful their employees are. sometimes a long, harrowing day can be brightened just a little by having your manager write you a positive review saying customers were impressed by your service.

don’t stay in stores past closing time, especially stores that are on holiday hours. some of those employees might only get to sleep for six hours before having to get up and come back in again the next morning. the faster they can get out, the better their night can be. 

and always, always keep an eye out for other customers who harass employees, and put in a word to defend them. sometimes having a customer’s support can make a whole lot of difference. even if your support doesn’t make a difference to management, it will make the employee feel better knowing someone is on their side.

ladynorbert said:

This is so, so, so important.  Especially that one about don’t stay in stores past closing time.  That’s irritating through the rest of the year, but at the holidays?  When stores are open to 10 pm, 11 pm, even midnight?  Employees are not robots, people.  They - we - need to sleep.

Please, on behalf of retail and service workers everywhere, we want to give you the best service that we can.  Your kindness and patience and compassion will go a long way toward making that possible.