Food delivery etiquette



I feel silly asking this but: what is the etiquette for answering the door for mail/pizza deliveries? Specifically, is it rude if I answer the door in (non-revealing) PJs with unbrushed hair and just…

lanthir said:

I used to be a pizza delivery guy!  

As to etiquette, food deliverers really do not care what you’re wearing or if you are adequately groomed.  I’ve had people come to the door in everything from a three-piece suit to just wrapped up in a huge blanket.  One time I showed up just as the person was trying to catch her toddler and make them put their clothes back on, so there was a naked baby running around.  It doesn’t matter.  We really don’t care.  

As to leaving the money and a note on the door?  Um, I dunno.  I guess if you are really careful to make sure it’s the right amount (please include a tip!!)?  I think if someone had done that when I was delivering, I might have thought it was kinda weird, but I wouldn’t have been offended or thought it was rude.  This really only works if you’re paying with cash though!  So, remember that if you pay with a card, you’ll have to sign the receipt.  

Basically, delivery drivers are used to having people treat us badly.  Our standards of etiquette are generally pretty low.  Just, remember to tip, have payment ready when we get there, and don’t come to the door naked unless you’ve given advance warning.  And don’t yell at us.  That’s pretty much all it takes to make a delivery driver happy.