note to fellow feminists


We need to stop assuming that women who are nonfeminist or antifeminist are just stupid and brainwashed by men.

They are women who disagree with us.

Feminism ought to be about respecting women. Not just women who agree with us. Feminist attitudes towards women who disagree with us can get really…

lazyandspoiled said:

I ain’t got a lick of respect for anyone who actively fights against feminism, I am not obligated to respect their harmful political ideologies, this post can go flush itself down the toilet.

realsocialskills said:

I’m not talking about respecting harmful political ideologies, though. By all means have contempt for them. There are many, many ideologies that I have utter contempt for.

I’m talking about something else. I’m talking about how these harmful ideologies get solely attributed to men, and women who hold them get completely ignored as people with worldviews. That’s not ok. It ignores the fact that women have the full range of human capacities, including the ability to be dangerously wrong.