do you know of any resources for art things for disabled or poor folks? (poor because lack of resources to get a hold of most comercially sold art supplies, disabled because I have Things I Don’t Have a Name For…

ada-adorable said:

I’ve been making things out of cardboard and paper lately! Because I have a lot of cardboard boxes and stuff around and it’s easy to just throw things together with tape. I’m not sure if this would be super helpful for everyone, but I like it because it’s a lot easier to work on projects when I don’t have to buy or choose fancy supplies. It’s a lot easier to just try stuff out when you’re literally working with scraps of cardboard that would otherwise go in the trash.

lb-lee said:

I’m disabled and poor, though not having mobility issues, so grain of salt.  Found materials are your friend; Sneak makes a ton of collages here, using old magazines, evangelical pamphlets, that kind of stuff.  Those are easy to find; just ask any friend or family member and they usually have a stack they’ve been putting off getting rid of. (Or there’s also local freebie ads and stuff, which you can often find in the library or news boxes.) All you need for those collages are glue (we use Elmer’s, same cheap stuff from your kiddie days and nontoxic), scissors or X-acto knife, and something stiff to glue them too.  Currently, we’re using leftovers from a prior art project, but when we run out of that, we’ll probably turn to cereal boxes.

If garage sales are a thing where you are, they are also freakin’ champion.  A lot of people will buy fancy art supplies, then find that art isn’t for them and sell them off for pennies barely used.  Long as you aren’t picky about one pencil in eight missing, and are able to trawl through like an industrious scavenger, you can find all sorts of goodies.  Basically all my “good” supplies I got from garage sales.

You’d also be amazed how many people, especially empty-nesters and such, have a ton of unwanted art supplies lying around their houses.  Ask around friends or family, especially when they’re moving.  A lot of folks are desperate to get rid of stuff then.

We lived with a couple artists who swore by Dumpster diving and found materials. (Note that they were both able-bodied.) However, at the time, we all were living in a country with a community art center specifically intended for the poor and disabled, where art supplies were free.  Alas, that’s basically unheard of in the USA.