Let’s drop Pokemon Go lures near polling places

Content note: This isn’t really a social skills information post so much as a (nonpartisan) thing I’m planning on doing on voting day in the hopes that it will make voting more pleasant for some people.

I’m planning on dropping Pokemon Go lures on and near some polling places on Election Day. I’m doing this because some of the lines are likely to be long, and I think that voting will be more pleasant if people can catch Pokemon while they wait. 

Especially given that some parents will need to bring their children along. I think waiting in long lines might be easier for a lot of kids if there are good Pokemon around. So I’m going to buy a few lures to try and help with that. 

Most polling places are either on Pokestops or very close to Pokestops. I live within walking distance and subway distance of a lot of polling locations, and I can afford a few lures, so for me, this is pretty doable. Anyone else want to drop lures on Pokestops near polling places?