do you know of any resources for art things for disabled or poor folks? (poor because lack of resources to get a hold of most comercially sold art supplies, disabled because I have Things I Don’t Have a Name For that make it hard for me to…

livingalifeoflearning said:

I don’t know what sort of art things you’re into, but temporary art can generally be done for free and can be quite pleasing, especially if the process is your focus, not the product. These things can require a very low level of fine motor skills and might be easier on stiff joints.

Things like:
- Drawing in sand/dirt with a stick or your fingers
-Sidewalk chalk can be cheap and makes all hard surfaces your canvas
-Building sandcastles or other earthworks
-Arranging stone towers with rocks around your house
-Arranging flowers

You can also take a picture of any of these if you want to keep something of something you made.