Looking for picture book recommendations






I think that picture books with disabled characters are probably really important, but I don’t know of many.

I’m looking for books that are *not* disability awareness books, but books where disability is just part of the world.

Eg: I saw a picture book once that was about going to the doctor, and one of the people working in the office was an adult wheelchair user. She wasn’t sick, she was just at work working. 

Does anyone know what that book is called? Or other picture books where disabled characters exist but the story isn’t about disability awareness?


This is a link to the author’s piece about the children’s book they published, Meet Clarabelle Blue. In the author’s words, they tried to focus very much on the character’s life, as she happens to be disabled, and not on her disability. It might fit a bit of the kind of books you’re looking for.

Thank you!

An author came and worked with one of my students and he has a whole series of picture books The disability gang! I love them and so do my kids! Also the author has a disability himself.

I love Hannah Ensor’s picture books too - Welly Walks and Baking Biscuits both have wheelchair using characters whose disabilitiy is not specifically mentioned and is entirely incidental to the story. I have them on my bookshelf for visiting kids!