impfreak replied to your post “Some strategies for wearing costumes”

If you paint your face like a wolf, you can wear regular clothes and be a werewolf/ teen wolf! All you need is face paint, and if your clothes are old and you don’t mind shredding them up a bit, that can be a little extra fun.

realsocialskills said:

Note that if you are going to do this, it’s important to use face paint and not another type of paint. Paint not designed to go on skin can cause problems.

lostlittleelephant said

Also there are multiple types of face paint; the really sticky (but cheap) créme-kind is irritating for me, multiple others have claimed this to. The more waterpaint-alike type works better, it doesn’t itch, you don’t feel it and in heatened places it won’t feel like a bag on your face. 

realsocialskills said:

Where do you get the more waterpaint-alike kind? Do they also sell that kind in costume stores?