Hello, I was wondering, how do you guys feel about the usage of “derp”, “herp derp”, “duh” and the like? Can they be considered ableist slurs?
I think it might depend somewhat on context.
“Duh” with a certain inflection can be an ableist slur. There’s an inflection that is making fun of speech disorders (and perceived associated intellectual disability). Drawn-out forms that are more like “duuuuuuuuh” are usually slurs of this type.
Sometimes it just means something like “That’s incredibly obvious,” or “Why would you ask something that damn obvious?” That can be an obnoxious thing to say, but for reasons other than being a slur.
“Derp” and “herp derp” aren’t words I understand well. I know some people think they’re ableist and some people think they aren’t, but I’m not sufficiently familiar with the words to have an opinion.
Any of y'all want to weigh in?